Amber Ross, PA

Physician Assistant located in Pleasanton, CA

About Ross

Having graduated from Stanford University’s Primary Care Associate Program in 2003 Amber Ross has worked in various settings as a certified PA, including internal practice, family practice, sports medicine, dermatology and esthetics. She has always believed in wellness and has recently become re-activated in her quest for treating the root cause of disease.

She's joined a community of well known Functional and Integrative M.D’s who believe they should use every possible treatment that will be the best for the patient, utilizing allopathic and natural medicine. A4M/MMI (Metabolic Medicine Institute) has been instrumental for her to gain the knowledge and confidence to begin healing one's self and the entire community. We can and we will reach vibrant health
together, and it is amazing how the skin becomes glowing and youthful once we become balanced.