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Elizabeth Huang, RN

Registered Nurse located in Pleasanton, CA

Elizabeth Huang, RN

Elizabeth Huang, RN brings over ten years of unparalleled success in the cosmetic field and enjoys a sterling reputation among her many clients in the area. She has built her reputation by offering excellent clinical care supported by top quality, innovative service with the latest and most effective Medical Spa services.

Our signature butterfly 蝴蝶 conveys the transformation of your beauty, long life, and elegance through the stages of life so that your skin appears ageless.

Elizabeth and her team of experts can truly transform your skin and help you to achieve a more youthful appearance for the long term, with results seen in just one visit!

Essential Bella’s renowned specialty offerings can lift and sculpt your face while taking years off of your face. She believes that your beauty regimen is highly personalized and tailored to your skin. She thrives on helping her customers gain confidence and watch her clients skin transform in front of her eyes.

A free consultation will provide you with friendly and sensible advice always tailored to your needs to help you make the right choice.

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